About Christin's Bookkeeping, LLC


Christin's Bookkeeping, LLC was established in July 2011. We operate a bookkeeping service that is second to none. We focus on small businesses that are seeking to streamline their processes in order to save time and money. We understand that owning a small business requires wearing many hats and the accounting hat is usually the most uncomfortable. We also understand that the small business owner would rather be out selling and growing their business and not sitting in an office surrounded by receipts. We pride ourselves on handling everything from basic accounting functions to assisting your CPA with your end of the year tax preparation. We have worked for and with CPA's, so we know what your accountant and what the government need to know about your business. Contact us today for your free consultation and ask about our client organizer system and monthly financial reporting package. These special client systems are only found at Christin's Bookkeeping and are free to every client that signs a 12 month contract with us. 



About Christin A. Medeiros


Christin A. Medeiros has been performing accounting and bookkeeping functions for over 20+ years. While growing up in a military family she was taught to "Aim High" and to value integrity, service before self and excellence. When she entered the work force, Christin started out as an accounts receivable clerk for a satellite installation company and worked her way up the corporate ladder while attending college. She graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance with a minor in accounting. After graduating from college, Christin continued to work in the private sector until realizing the need to help small businesses achieve their accounting and financial goals. In addition to her college education, Christin has also received her certification as a Professional Bookkeeper and Notary Public.